Asian Pre-wedding Ceremonies Gallery

We specialise in asian pre wedding ceremonies photography.  This is an important element of our work, photographing asian pre-wedding ceremonies gallery leading up to the main wedding day.  These ceremonies have lots of gusto and energy which our journalism photography style strives to capture.

Pre wedding ceremonies in asian weddings are very important in the lead up to the main wedding day, this applies across all spectrum of asian weddings whether they be Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Bhuddist and other asian weddings.  In some cases, particularly Hindu weddings, which can vary quite widely depending from where you originate in the Indian sub continent, the pre wedding asian ceremonies can in some cases go on for days.

However in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada the pre wedding ceremonies tend to be limited to about three or four days, with some pre ceremonies only lasting couple of hours.  Taking note of this we have devised our pricing structure accordingly, where you can find more information at  design your own wedding photography and packages page – This will give you a good idea of the costs of doing the photography for your event and will also help you budget realistically.

We have over several years experience of doing asian weddings and it is important especially for the asian wedding photographer to have the knowledge and the understanding of the ceremonies and knowing the key important aspects of the pre wedding ceremony that needs to be photographed, which we have acquired over the years.  Also, it is here that the skill of the photographer comes into play, since he will need to choreograph some photographs with the priest and the family to capture that moment in the ceremony.

There is lot of drama during the pre wedding ceremonies and also it is a time that is opportunistic for the photographer and the family to get to know each other and by the time the wedding day comes, the whole family is on a first name basis with the photographer, which makes coordinating and attracting peoples’ attention lot easier and respectful when trying to photograph them.