Asian Wedding Engagement Photography

We specialise in asian wedding engagement photography and forms an important part and parcel of the couple’s lead to their main wedding day. The shoot normally takes place at least six months prior to the main wedding. The shoot is a fun filled experience for the couple since the whole photography is centred around the couple’s relationship.

The style of the shoot is in most cases casual. However this is not restricted and couples can decide at the time of consultation how they want to be photographed.  Some couples prefer to be dressed formally and would like to the shoot to be very fashion orientated.  Whilst some may want something that just illuminates their bubbly relationship. This is quite a specialised element of our work that aims to capture the couples’ feelings and relationship. Due to this we are able to offer this at a location of your choice or at our studios.

Some couples have asked for a high quality video film shoot in a popular music format.  We are pleased to confirm that we are also able to offer this as a package and can do it in a format of your choice. Please contact us for more information.

To get the best imagery, we dedicate at least half a day for the shoot and ask that the photography be done at least six months before the wedding. Thus giving us enough time to edit and publish the photographs in either or both as a DVD and a guest signing book.