Professional Asian Wedding Gallery

Our range of professional asian wedding photography is extensive and diverse. The asian wedding gallery ceremonies and functions, provides examples of our work, which include church weddings, civil and registry office weddings and weddings at hotels, community venues as well as overseas wedding photography.

We have a full team of wedding professional photographers and videographers. We are able to send multiple teams to functions to cover every aspect and facet of your big day. Hence should you want additional photographers for your wedding, this is not a problem, which we can discuss this with you in more detail during the consultation stage, which is FREE of charge.

Furthermore we encourage couples to visit our design your own wedding photography and packages page – where you can choose the number of photographers and videographers you want for your asian wedding.  This will give you an idea of the cost and also a good starting point to put your budget together and for us to discuss the shaping of your wedding photography package unique to you.

Normally people ask for multiple teams of photographers and videographers for example where the wedding is very large, we define large asian weddings as over 200 people, want coverage for both bride and the groom getting ready at either their homes or hotel. Or that the bride and groom live a considerable distance from the wedding ceremony venue. Hence an additional crew of photographers at the ceremony venue ready to film and photograph the seamless arrival of the couple.  This enables protection against unexpected hold ups as a result of the photography crew doing the photography of the bride getting ready is unable to arrive at the venue on time.  These are just examples of how we have managed situations to ensure that the itinerary is closely followed and that it is not impacted in any way.

Our style of wedding photography is dynamic and action orientated, which ensures that we capture the atmosphere and the uniqueness of your day. Hence, regardless of the size of the wedding we give each of our wedding photography assignment the same attention and professionalism. It is for this reason and whatever package you purchase, we offer as a standard, bridal training prior to the wedding, making the bride photography ready thus giving her confidence to be glamorous and to embrace her day head on.  As a result the photographs always turn out to be stunning.

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