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Dress and Body Types

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Lot of the information here also applies to brides all different shapes and sizes. Some of these points are also addressed during our bridal training sessions.

In respect of asian weddings the key point to remember is that your wedding dress is going to be heavy and it will need to the appropriate supports.  There have been stories where wedding dresses started to come off during the wedding ceremony, which is very embarrassing for the bride and everyone.

It is also surprising how asian wedding brides do not check their wedding dresses with shoes on and shoes off to make sure that they can walk.  Most asian wedding ceremonies involve all guests, bride and groom performing the ceremony without any footwear.  Therefore walking into the  ceremonial hall with a dress that is too long as a result of one not trying the wedding dress on without the shoes, will make that walk very difficult and also very embarrassing and the pictures aren’t much brilliant either.

Also remember the type of ceremony that is being performed. Does it involve people bowing down and paying respects? Make sure when you are buying the dress that you will be able to bend down to your knees and also that your boobs remain in their place when bending down.  Boobs being all over the place does not make good photographs and video filming.  Also it is very embarrassing for you as the bride and others who are performing the ceremony.

Tips to some commonly held questions: –

Q. With huge boobs and slim hips I am always in danger of looking cartoonish. How can I look chic when I walk down the aisle?

A. Firstly, lucky you! But if you feel self conscious, you can easily restore the balance by adding volume to your lower body to create the perfect hourglass silhouette. You can really live every little girl’s dream and look fantastic in a fairytale or ball-gown style wedding dress.

Q. I am really self-conscious about my batwings. How can I keep my flabby arms concealed without looking too trussed up?

A. Don’t be afraid to wear sleeves on your wedding day. A clever cut will look beautiful and not trussed up, it will definitely give you confidence if you are worried about your upper arms. Choose a loose sleeve rather than close fitting as this will also work hard to cover broad and square shoulders.

Q. I am often complimented on my figure as I am tall and slender, but actually I have never got over that teenage gawky feeling. How do I look elegant on my wedding day?

A. Tall, slender frames look fantastic in a column dress which skims the figure and has a real catwalk feel. A fitted style with a straight skirt will give you a statuesque figure, ensuring you look sleek and anything but gawky. For a really feminine look, you could opt for a lace overlay, or a beautiful row of buttons down the back of your dress.

Q. My body is really out of proportion I am about 5ft 5in and have a really short torso but long legs! What styles would you suggest for my wedding dress?

A. You should try a couple of styles with a fitted, drop waist and a shorter skirt. The drop waist will lengthen your mid section, whilst adding definition and giving you feminine curves. Don’t feel like you need to cover up your killer pins, in fact you really should show them off even on your wedding day! Plenty of brides are opting for shorter styles, which can still look really bridal, especially if they’re lovely and full, in soft, feminine fabrics like layered tulle.

Q. I have got a really boyish, straight up and down figure. How can I soften my look for my wedding day?

A. Empire line gowns are soft, feminine and otherworldly. Gathering and detailing below the bust with a little help from some gentle padding will create shape, whilst delicate fabric and an unstructured waist will flow over your frame, hinting at curves. With your type of figure the likelihood is that you have lovely arms and shoulders, so show off your toned limbs with a strapless dress. Alternatively, opt for a slightly scooped boat neckline and delicate lacy, elbow length sleeves, for an oh-so-pretty look.

Q. I am really curvy with boobs, a tum and hips. I am planning on losing a few pounds before my big day, but I am never going to be a Skinny Minnie. I am at a loss as to what type of wedding dress to go for, what do you think?

A. Structure is the order of the day for you! A-line or princess-line dresses are very popular, as they suit everyone, and are fantastic figure fixers. In your case, with its fitted bodice and softly flaring A-line skirt, the princess dress will create a waistline nipping you in where you need it, whilst skimming flatteringly over your hips. Add interest around the bust with a sweetheart neckline, which will enhance your best assets.

The above information has been take from www.confetti.co.uk who specialise in providing range of wedding services.