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How much should we pay for an asian wedding photographer and copyright?

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Photographers’ fees vary according to their experience. A better-established asian wedding photographer is going to charge more.

The good thing is that asian weddings start from around 7am with the bride getting ready and ends when the bride and the groom have departed, which is twelve hours later.  The whole event, the asian wedding ceremony and the reception are normally held on the same day.  Therefore there is no set package as in European weddings where one would quote separately for the morning bride getting ready session and then the wedding reception. The price that an asian wedding photographer quotes would normally include the full twelve hours, starting his or hers work from the point where the bride is getting ready until the point where the bride and groom have finally left.

Most photographers offer a package. Get a complete breakdown and find out details such as the number of photos provided and the options on a printed or digital album.  Remember there is no substitute to using a professional photographer.  Only use a family member if they are very very competent and will be able to supply you with what you want.

Please note you will find some photographers charging more since they claim to to have a “celebrity” status and therefore charge a fortune. They tend to have an entourage of people and carry quite a bit of equipment.  When with such suppliers you need to make sure that what you are paying for is worth it and does meet with what you want.  From and also look at how much different are their pictures to say the non “celebrity” asian photographer!

At wisephotoNs we have a range of prices and packages to suit your budget and our prices do include generous travel distances of 15miles radius to your wedding venue.  For more information please click here

What is copyright for Wedding Photography – who owns images?

Legally, photographers automatically own your photos unless you buy the copyright. Some photographers make a copyright agreement, giving you high resolution images to use and print as you want. Make sure you have the agreement in writing somewhere. If you want to use your photos for a newspaper or publication, you’ll need to get your photographer’s copyright permission.

After all payments have been made and the work is complete we provide our clients with all the artwork and the full resolutions images to use as they want.  We basically let you share the copyright with us provided any published images brands and acknowledges us.