Offers and Events

April and May 2017

Getting Ready for Photography Asian Bridal Training Workshop Sessions

We are currently offering on a first come basis asian bridal training workshop sessions, which includes learning to pose for your wedding photographs and lot more.

These workshops are intensive and last for about two hours. They are run on a one to one basis to give you full attention, privacy and confidence to self analyse with some input from us as to how to best pose for your wedding photographs.  These sessions are aimed at brides at all levels regardless of their experience in being photographed.

The workshop is designed to help bring out your personality and the character onto your wedding photographs. Like we mentioned above, these workshops are aimed at all brides, that includes different body types and ethnicities.  Brides who have attended our past sessions have always found these sessions to be invaluable and has helped them immensely to become confident in being photographed and also in control of how they want to pose to reflect their character and personality.

We would also look at makeup and dresses in the workshop.  We therefore ask brides attending that they bring some sample dresses and some make up or none at all.  The sessions do involve quite a bit of photography and self analysis.

The workshops will be held during the weekends at prominent hotels near Paddington Station, Canary Wharf and Heathrow Airport.  You will be informed of the venues once you have indicated your preference, confirmation and date by email.

These workshops are FREE – however to confirm your booking we will be taking a £50 deposit person which will be fully refundable upon your attendance to the workshop.

The sessions are ideally suited to brides who want more out of their wedding pictures and are getting married in the next four months and beyond.

For more information please contact us for more information.

 Other Events

elite-eventsWe will be holding events for you to come and see our work at the following venues.  These are free events and give you the opportunity to meet, discuss your requirements as well as see our work.

  • Sun 7th May 2017: 11am – 3:30pm: DoubleTree  Hilton London, 265 Rotherhithe Street, London SE16 5HW


If you are unable to attend this event, we would be more than happy to meet you in our studios or at a place of your choosing and mutually convenient to both of us.


Asian Bridal Workshop Days – September to November 2017

We holding ASIAN BRIDAL DAYs during this period at convenient venues in London.  The workshops will feature the following –

  • Tips on asian bridal make up.  You will meet our qualified make up artist who will do a mini trial on you and talk you through the make up process for your wedding.
  • Asian Bridal Wedding Dresses.  You will get a chance to try on some wedding gowns and be able to discuss the gown the gown that would most suit your body type.
  • Asian Wedding Photography –  You will get a chance to have a mini photo shoot where you will be guided on how best to pose for your wedding.
  • Doing your Hair, the asian hair styles –  Chance to look and explore different hair style and discuss with our stylist the most suitable style for you.

This day is aimed as a one to one session and therefore places are limited and the workshops are run on ticket only basis.  The cost of tickets are per two adults and are non refundable.

For more information please contact us