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Posing for your Wedding in Asian Style

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As part of the pre wedding shoot I normally find couples for the first time struggling to get into posing and giving the look they really want.

I always provide the following advice to all my clients –

  • Learn to pose – look at asian fashion magazines and asian bridal magazines see how the professional models pose. See if you can emulate a look that is truly YOU. Remember you are not wearing western clothes and wearing asian clothing everyday, salwar kameez, is no longer an everyday item worn by south asian girls in the west.  Therefore you need to get into the routine of wearing for example salwar kameez and emulating poses in them.  Practicing to bring out your character and personality in the pose and in those clothes.
  • Practice with your partner the type of poses you want to do. This makes it easier for the photographer and you to work together to get the perfect picture. Plus it saves a lot of time where the photographer is not teaching you how to pose on your main wedding day.
  • Practice in front of a full length mirror, like how to bend and shape your body as well as smiling. There are quite a few resources on the web on how to do that.
  • Make sure you get the make up right.
  •  In some of my packages I allow at least two pre wedding shoots. This helps the couple to build confidence and get into a clear routine how they want to stand in front of the camera and the types of pictures they want to see.