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We have been for over twenty years been specialising in photography and filming work. Our style and photography is action orientated with the view to capture the most striking and elegant images that will make your day memorable for years to come.

Asian weddings are not staid events, mostly running to a clock and timing that is unscripted. This all presents a major challenge for us as photographers and film-makers; constant looking around and ensuring that no action is missed whilst trying to remain unobtrusive during the whole wedding.  This is no more akin to the work and energy that is expended in covering and photographing a large news event as a photojournalist.

Our photography work at all stages, pre wedding asian photography, pre wedding asian ceremonies photography, asian engagement photography, asian bridal lingerie photography, professional asian wedding photography, involves styles of documentary, photojournalism, glamour and traditional photography.  Hence we are not limited in terms of how we work and this is one of our key assets where we can tailor a shoot to meet the environmental conditions, the bride and the grooms personality and individuality, the atmosphere of the main day in respect of the guests and the family.

Hence the name of wisephotoNs – manipulating light to inspire – we think creatively and that’s what wisephotoNs reflects, we are wise in terms of putting deep thought into our work and photons are the essence particles, which makes the image, the picture, the photograph and the film – for us to treasure for posterity.

Our work is quite comprehensive, we are not only are focused on the bride and the groom but also on their friends and family. Thus ensuring that when we finish and the work is fully produced edited and compiled, the couple will have an archive of their precious day for posterity to share with their friends and loved ones.

It is with this view that we do our work professionally and do not just see it as a point and shoot exercise. Our pricing structure reflects this, which ensures not only competitiveness but also a high quality value that we know would probably be most difficult to match.

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